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Myer's Cocktail

For Jet Lag/Fatigue...

Don’t let the hustle of everyday stop you from enjoying life to the fullest! enrG Wellness’s Myer’s Cocktail IV provides revitalizing hydration and nutrients to those who face chronic fatigue, migraines, and even jet lag. For those who work hard and play harder, the Myer’s Cocktail saves you from wasting precious time with fatigue. Face what the day has in store for you knowing you’ll feel refreshed and energized with all of the nutrients your body needs to excel. We’ll make sure your brain and body are revitalized to keep up with your busy lifestyle, and ensure you always show up as your best self! Let us help you feel better now & later; come try our Myer’s Cocktail at enrG Wellness!


With adequate hydration and nutrients, things like jet lag, migraines, chronic fatigue, and anything else that might be dragging you down are a thing of the past.


For Members: $84.00/once per month
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