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enrG Wellness has a full staff of licensed, medical professionals. Our team includes experts who have been specially trained in IV Vitamin Therapies and Functional Medicine.

Dr. Rachel Gilmore is a Chiropractor, specializing in pain-free movement and rehabilitation. She believes in filling the gap in the current model of pain management and providing a way for people to truly live their best lives without limitations. She strives to make a positive impact on those around her. An Alabama native, Dr. Gilmore completed her Doctor of Chiropractic at Cleveland University Kansas City and continues research efforts as an adjunct faculty member and is on the FICS Research Commission. 


Dr. Gilmore believes in finding the root cause of your issues, helping you eliminate pain, and strengthening your foundation to improve your life. There is no cookie cutter approach to care. She uses a customized, comprehensive and evidence-based approach tailored to each person's unique needs, goals and phase of life. Her mission is helping people not only live pain-free better lives but to have the tools they need to live resiliently. She holds many certifications for movement assessment and believes manual techniques, rehab, and strength training are the foundation for current and future patient care.

Dr. Gilmore enjoys spending time with her son, husband, german shepherd and two cats. She loves all things fitness, especially boxing. Dr. Gilmore also enjoys reading, listening to live music and traveling.

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